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If you own residential premises in Houston Texas, you need to abide with law and have the keys of your tenants rekeyed within seven days after a new tenant occupies your house. You do not have to worry because Rekey in Houston is a well-established technician who will offer these services at an affordable price. We have an attracting package in which you will get six of your key holes rekeyed and four keys made for you. The expert is specialized in a variety of premises and these includes commercial properties, residential set ups, real estate and lock repair services. We have a history of making nice finishes of deadbolts which are a vital requirement as indicated by the law of Houston Texas. Property code of your rental houses is a concern. We have to be in line with what the regulatory bodies require and this is what this high skilled professional will do for you.
The jobs that these professionals perform can also involve both interior and exterior doors. This is because some companies may call a locksmith to change the locks on their doors quite frequently. Specifically, when an employee transfers from one facility to another within the same company or leave the company for other employment opportunities. This procedure is often used to protect the company's property and their employees from harm.
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Finding oneself in front of his doorsteps without any house keys is the most frustrating situation. In such cases, instead of blaming each other or oneself one can call us for our assistance. We easily replace all lost house keys with new ones in some mere moments. Our customers can get their keys made whenever they desire to get them. This service is available to all very easily at full 24*7. Our usual 15-minute response time makes sure that you do not have to wait for new keys at your doorsteps for too long. All new keys made by us have sturdy material in them. That way, one does not need to spend another penny on their keys for long. Our team of trained as well as licensed locksmiths provides our customers ultimate satisfaction.
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